Alcoholism comes around when you abuse alcohol and with time you become needy of it and it becomes part of your life. Alcoholism has various disadvantages. You find that you get addicted and it becomes hard to stop.

Most people use alcohol because they like the effect that accompanies its consumption. Others say it helps them cope when stressed or drink for fun and many other reasons. Drinking is out of choice and so is quitting.

Before it’s too late to realize that alcohol drinking does more harm than good, it’s advisable to consider quitting as an option. When you quit on it, you’ll find that your life will immensely improve and so will your health.

Outlined below are reasons as to why you should quit drinking alcohol and their benefits:

Have More Money

The best and finest alcoholic drinks are expensive. You’ll find that most alcoholics are willing to misuse their cash on drinking rather than on useful activities. If you would add up the amount you spend on drinking, you’ll be surprised because it’s quite high. Thus when you quit alcohol consumption, you’ll cut down on the expense and save more.

Brain Healing

Alcohol consumption makes your brain feel intoxicated. When you quit, you’ll realize that your brain will no longer feel as it used to when you depended on the alcohol. You will also think more clearly and make good decisions.

Improved Complexion

Alcohol is diuretic and therefore makes you dehydrated and your face appears lean. When you quit alcohol you’ll find that your face will start clearing and regaining your looks and your complexion becomes smooth. Your face and skin will also feel moisturized and you’ll be hydrated.

Liver Rejuvenation

Alcoholism causes cirrhosis which affects the proper functioning of the liver. If you quit on alcohol and concentrate on eating healthy, your liver will be rejuvenated and it will be able to metabolize effectively.

No need to lie

You find most alcoholic drinkers are ashamed of their behavior andthey don’t like it when their family members find out. So when they go drinking, they tend to lie of their whereabouts or what they’re doing. When you stop drinking, you will have nothing to hide from your family members, thus no lies.

Gain Respect

Your family, friends, colleagues and your spouse will respect the new you unlike when you were drinking. They’ll feel more proud of you because you will have overcome a bad habit.

New Life Perspective

When you decide to give up drinking, it feels like you view life from a different angle. You get to see what’s important and what’s not. You will also appreciate those around you and even find joy in the little things life hast to offer.


As a person, you get to appreciate your new state when you quit on alcohol. You will find yourself getting involved in activities that will help you be better unlike when you were under alcohol influence as most people tend to be aggressive. You also become confident and empowered.

Be Envied

Your drinking buddies will be envious of you as you will have overcome the drinking problem. Your buddies will admire you for having quit on such a vice and you’ll also set a good example for them to follow.

Reduced Risks of Ailment

Alcoholism leads to various diseases as well as cancers. When you quit alcohol, your chances of getting heart diseases, brain damage, mouth cancer and the likes will decline. This is because your body health will start improving and with time your immune system will be boosted. This way chances of getting sick swill be low.